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We have many personal experiences within our families of irregular menstrual cycle, melanoma, acne and allergies. I am sure there are many more skin diseases that your family experience.nec purus feugiat, molestie ipsum et, consequat nibh. Etiam non elit dui. Nullam vel eros sit amet arcu vestibulum accumsan in in leo.

We started looking at changing our diets by eating healthier, yet the problems as we mentioned just would not cure 100%. It is then that we started to read our labels not only in the food section but also in the cosmetic session. Yes, it made our shopping time longer than normal but eliminating the health issues saved us time and money in the end.

Many people tend to sacrifice their health to accumulate wealth, only to spend that wealth on treatment when they are old. When we lose our wealth, we can still work to earn it back, but when we lose our health, our family members and loved ones suffer with us. Let us maintain our health by choice and not by chance.

Our soap is 100% natural based exclusively on 72% vegetable oils. Environment friendly and not tested on animals.

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