Made from vegetable oil, solvent-free and color-free, Marius Fabre black olive oil soap is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Its very concentrated formula makes it a really economical product.  It is available in two forms: paste (soft black soap) or liquid.

black soap with olive oil “Marius Fabre”

– Olive oil special formula, patented by Marius Fabre

– Without dye, fragrance, solvent

– Biodegradable

– Quality guaranteed by a family know-how since 4 generation



Liquid Black Soap 1L

Its exclusive formula with olive oil is patented by the Marius Fabre soap factory.

Natural product multi-purpose, ecological and economical, it is very effective to clean everything, from home to garden . Without solvent, without dye, biodegradable, it respects our environment.



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